Saturday, 12 February 2011

Undiscovered Soul - Let Go

* This music review was originally used for an article for The Sentinel.

Band name: Undiscovered Soul
Release: Let Go (EP) 
Genre: Rock
Release Date: January 3rd 2011

With the release of debut EP ‘Let Go’, local band Undiscovered Soul may have to rethink their band name, as they start attracting fans with their old school Saturday night rock music. The band’s true power lies with front woman, Maisie Cole, who sings with mighty gusto. Most refreshingly she has great diction, projecting the knowingly clichéd lyrics with great emotional gravitas. Stand out tracks include I’ll Be There, an infectious dose of breezy power pop with laugh out loud biblical references, and Won’t be Mine with its heavy guitar chords seemingly looking out for a fight. Title track, Let Go, is a slow burning power ballad laced with lazy Southern guitar which unfortunately sounds as if it is selling some high profile golfing resort. On the whole, however, Undiscovered Soul serve up a hearty meal of traditional meat and potatoes rock music. My diagnosis? Eat it. It’s good for you.    


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