Thursday, 17 February 2011

Charlie Goes Adventuring in Thailand Part 6: Ko Phangan

Its been a while, since the 2nd December in fact, but I finally got round to completing the next part of my Thailand videos. I was busy doing various forms of voluntary work experience all in the name of pursuing a career in media...  This one took longer than necessary as to make as I had to come up with a way of tackling how utterly trolleyed I got at the party. Was I drugged? Was I robbed? Just what the hell did happen? I still don't know and I sort of don't want to...

Anyway the video deals with Ko Phangan, another of the Gulf of Thailand's popular islands. Topics include discussion of Alex Garland's The Beach, the beauty of life on Thong Nai Pan and of course the full moon party/full moon parody of humanity that takes place once every month or so on Haad Rim.

Please enjoy...  I like the Nintendo references...

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