Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ghost Trains - Sniffing Round LA

* Originally written for The Sentinel.

Band Name: Ghost Trains
Release: Sniffing Round LA (LP)
Genre: Acoustic
Release Date: February 2011

Staffordshire acoustic trio, Ghost Trains release their second album Sniffing Round L.A. mere months after their debut Where Lovers Die. Independent in every sense of the word, Ghost Trains are riding a wave of creativity, having won a cult following with their soulful bohemian sound and melancholy lyrics. Opening song, Michael Caine, focuses the album within the gutter of the city angels, but it isn’t long before the album transcends itself skyward, as if floating on a breeze. Tim Ellis’s lyrics are thoughtful, sung with a variable sense of emotion where necessary and accented by sweet vocal harmonies. The acoustic melodies are executed masterfully and are truly worthy of getting lost within. As with the best acoustic music, Ghost Train thrive on subtlety to drop their bombs, the lyrics and music complement each other wonderfully and are absolutely deserving of your attention. 

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