Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness

The Strokes are back, after almost four years in purgatory. Their new album, Angles is coming in the Spring and has been preceded by the single, Under Cover of Darkness, which was released as a free download via their website for a limited time. Which was very nice of them... Anyway, the new single has a real swing to it and it almost feels, dare I say it? Uncannily like their first album. It has that same retro lego tightness... What a breakthrough. The music press seem to have the habit of complaining that the band have never regained the inspiration of that first album, which came to earth to save us all from the Stereophonics and Nu Metal by instating the prevalence of 'indie rock' in 2001. It is jarring to consider just how influential The Strokes became with the release of that album, a literal decade ago no less. Lets hope they don't exert themselves too much like they did with their third album, First Impressions of Earth. Short and snappy, gentleman. That is what you guys are good at.

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