Monday, 6 January 2014

Top 10 Games You Should Play This (Last) Christmas

Hey gang, it's been a while hasn't it?

You all had a good Christmas? I certainly hope so.

Salute to the Eleventh (or twelfth... thirteenth? I just don't know anymore)
I would make a resolution to write more for my blog, but I'm just too darned busy writing other things, such as a comic book called Bandit Squad Now, my remake of As You Like It set in the world of Illegal Hover Bike Racing of the near future and a time travelling Odyssey that is totally not Doctor Who. I'm also trying to write more stuff for competitions and more freelance stuff specifically within gaming and cinema, maybe even music. Basically I'm trying to write more.

As it happens, I did write a top 10 video game list for The Sentinel last month. Don't treat it as a definitive top 10, it was simply the top 10 games to play (and buy) that Christmas and was geared towards a more family and mainstream audience. Not a Call of Duty in sight! But I did sneak Papers Please in there. Probably ruined about six Christmases there... Oh well...

Here is the link!

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