Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Interview with Phil Fish, Lead Designer of Fez

It isn't everyday you get to sit down and play a game in the company of the lead designer but thats exactly what I did at last year's Gamecity Festival in Nottingham. Fez has been getting a lot of buzz in indie circles and has managed to secure support from Xbox Live. Phil Fish has been designing the game for a whole 5 years and it looks as if the game is finally going to see release, spring this year. No mean feat, Fish stars in new documentary Indie Game The Movie, in which he reveals the ups and downs of creating a video game from scratch.

From what I played of Fez, its going to be a different experience to the usual slew of games that are released. It has a very Xen feeling, as you explore a seemingly 2D world that is contained with a three dimensional puzzle. There is no combat, just exploration and platforming choreographed to a dreamlike 8 bit score. Its one of the big games, I'm looking forward to this year.

And yes, I did accidentally refer to Fez at Rez at some point in this interview, way to show respect for five years of one man's work Chaz... [facepalm]

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