Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Snake Eyes Jonnie - Surburban Dropout Blues

You cannot be in a band by the name of Snake Eyes Jonnie without making the kind of music that will make people want to take a shower after listening. In this respect, Snake Eyes Jonnie succeed with their hard rocking garage grime that immediately sounds familiar to the music of The Stooges and The White Stripes. Suburban Dropout Blues is a decent no nonsense opener with a good guitar hook, whilst closing track Nobody’s Fool has illusions of being a hard rock monster. Second track, This Song, is a slower burn and is probably the best thing on the EP as you can actually hear the bass supporting the distorted ‘wall of sound’ guitar tone which too often feels as if it is overwhelming everything else. On the whole, Mark Mason’s self loathing vocals do a good job to compensate the melodies and style of the music, but he does waver a little more than necessary, sounding like a bleating lamb at times, which does grate on you. Snake Eyes Jonnie do demonstrate a lot of potential but there is room for improvement. 

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