Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sheena Bratt - Fire In Your Eyes

*Article was originally written and published within The Sentinel (08/04/2011)

Love for the music has gotten Cheshire based singer songwriter Sheena Bratt far in life, from busking and performing in various different countries, to hosting a radio show in Thailand. Ahead of the release of these two live tracks she is globetrotting once more to play the Earthday festival in Rio, Brazil. First track ‘My Muse and I’ is a short and sweet introduction to Sheena as an artist singing about her mixed relation with her muse and the giddy creative energies that keep her from sleeping at night. Second track ‘Fire in Your Eyes’ comes with the full backing of a band and for the most part it is hard to find anything to disagree with. The music is sunny, the tempo is upbeat, the lyrics reflect motion and bustle and Sheena’s voice is distinguished enough to keep her from falling on the wrong side of country.

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