Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Charlie goes Adventuring Part 5: Ko Samui


Part 5 of my Thailand vlogs has recently been uploaded to YouTube.  This one deals with Ko Samui, the largest island belonging to the Surat Thani Province, and tourist haven situated within the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.  Its a good one, generally, though within minutes of uploading I was informed that my video could not be viewed in Germany thanks to copyright with Warner Brothers.  Think it may be because of liberal use of Emilia's Big World...  A song that you can buy from itunes via an actual link underneath my video.  Internet eh? 

As always here is the link to the video:

And here is the link to the entire playlist, in case you are a bit behind:

PS: Tremendous apologies to all my loyal followers in Germany.  Next time it'll be flawless...

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