Friday, 29 October 2010

Part 3: Ayutthaya

So!  I have been working this last week on my Thailand vlogs. I also rewatched watched the second series of Spaced and was by deja vu during the first episode, where Daisy returns to London after a month travelling around South East Asia with a camera.  Christ, I'm not that bad am I?  One of those people who goes off to Thailand with a camera?  Thinking that I'm interesting and have got something to say just because I've got a degree in English and am in Thailand with a camcorder...  This is not what I want to convey at all...
Anyway, Part 3 is up for your viewing pleasure.  It is focused upon two days spent in Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand when it was known as Siam.  There are ruins, there are beheaded buddhas, you may dislike the Burmese a whole lot more after watching it.  But you shouldn't. 

As always all videos can be accessed at my YouTube channel which is down the following electronic rabbit-hole:

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